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The 15 signs

I too had a passive-aggressive friend, and her digs kept getting more personal, attacking the things I loved the most, which caused me a lot of hurt and depression. As we had competitive businesses, I think the root of her malice was jealousy. Life is hard enough. Who needs a frenemy constantly dishing out hurtful criticism?

Are They Really Your Friend? 15 Signs That Suggest Otherwise

I very much enjoyed your article and all of the comments. But it has become a burden on my mind and I am tired of being dragged down into her negativity. My son who is 7 has even begun to express his dislike of her daughter. She is extremely confrontational and I have seen her be hostile when she feels that she is being wronged. I am at a loss as to how to end things.

This is a tricky situation because your son is involved as well. Or you can be straight with her: tell her in the most un-confrontational manner you can muster that her hostility is rubbing you the wrong way. Be careful with hostile people, though. Act from that place of love and kindness, though, and it will be hard for her to find fault in your concerns.

A wonderful article. After the publication of my novel in May, I received no support or feedback from these friends—not even a congratulations. One of them started ignoring me on FB. Another removed me as a friend. Their silence has been more painful than any criticism could be.

I woke up this morning, wondering if I should end these friendships and remove these people from my FB page. It sounds like the pain you have is making your lack of confidence in your own writing that much more prominent. Is there any way you can reach out to an editor, a teacher or professor you trust, or even someone who is simply well-schooled in literature to ask them to give it a quick read?

As far as your friends go, have you asked them about the defriending business? Know what I mean? Which isnt even true. And just saying things to effect our relationship. I lost it and cut her out but she keeps tryin to act all sweet and get back in contact. Im trying to. But we were close. I dont know what to do. There are so many mutual friends and many who dont understand.

But has always been very demanding. I was expected to drop every thing to help.

Why I ghosted my best friend - BBC Three

And the favour was never returned. I think she thrives on making people feel awkward and uncomfortable. She showed little respect for my belongings or privacy.

... and how to tell that it's time to move on for good.

Invited herself to every thing and was always very intusive. I wrote the previous comment on my phone and it kept messing up. And so many mutual friends who expect you to talk to her. Even the thought of her makes me feel so angry and sick but whenever i hear from her it reminds me of her and makes me miss her but also still feel SO angry and urgh. Do I just continue to ignore. I already exploded and told her i want nothing more to do with her because of all the things shes done. And im not one to run around sayin bad things about her.

Im 22 i want to start to grow and evolve without her. But this is just…. Thank you x. I liken this situation to getting healthy in an unsupportive environment. Say everyone around you is still eating crap, not exercising, and being happy in their declining health.

If you really want to be healthy, you will find a way. You have to have the courage to kindly tell the people around you who are trying to sway you otherwise that this is truly the best move for you. Ensure them that you have given this much thought, and you would really appreciate their support for your decision. This will also allow you more time to think about whether or not you CAN forgive her after all. These are personal questions to consider for you and you alone. It was extremely gratifying to see this article. I recently cut off ties with a friend who drained my energy and happiness. She always made small cutting remarks to the point where even my husband noticed it.

I refused to talk to her anymore and I cannot believe how content I feel. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with others. She is so negative about everything.


I live in a completely different state than her and whenever I want to talk to her it will take weeks to get ahold of her. I never can get a word in about me and my life. I know this is a website about cutting negative people out ,but I am not sure what to even do about this situation. Should I do to her what she does to me, or just forget about a relationship with her at all. Have you voiced your concerns to her? Also, it sounds like you may have to just try interjecting your status updates into the conversation to be heard. It might feel unnatural, but I bet it will work. I have read this blog and I will take this information with me from now on.

We no longer speak and my best friends let me back into their lives with open arms. But its been 8 months and im still feeling like i should have done more to explain myself because she is dragging another person who she replaced me with down with her like she did me. I just feel bad because i invested alot of time into our friendship at one point in time.

Aeon for Friends

It is so important to stand up for your own well-being. Hi, I think you did a very good thing for you. I had to cut someone out of my life as well, a terrible liar. After years of being her friend, I realised that everything she comes in contact with goes sour. I still hang around with mutual friends. Do not worry about that other person, I do not worry about my mutual friends any more.